Handcrafted and sophisticated pieces, with noble materials, impeccable finishing and an elegant shape that enhances the feminine silhouette. This is the Al Mare brand essence, which proposes a new look for beachwear by presenting bikinis, swimsuits, panneaux and cover-ups that translate an exclusive and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The true “Beachwear Couture”.

The brand was born out of a need identified by the designer Flavia Brant, who couldn't find bikinis that could move from the beach to beach clubs and restaurants on summer nights around the world. The first pieces, created in Brazil by the end of 2019 won the macaws at the coolest boutiques in Miami, Hamptons, Portugal, Mexico & Spain.

The use of the matelassê technique, rarely seen in beachwear pieces with lycra fabrics, became part of the brand's identity. The technique requires a unique 'savoir-faire', using a kind of blanket between the fabrics of the bikinis that needs to be very well measured and applied, in order to model the body and not mark any unwanted lines. Al Mare Collezione pieces give women the security of wearing a piece that will enhance their shape and leave everything “in place”, that's why the production is completely handmade and made by an own team of seamstresses.